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We are the ONLY Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area licensed Raccoon Control Specialist offering PERMANENT RACCOON REMOVAL & GUARANTEED RESULTS.


In contrast to almost all other Ontario animal/pest control companies/operators, our permit/license under The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act (MNR) as a licensed furbearer trapper, uniquely qualifies us as a company to:

  • Capture and relocation of raccoon(s) within 1km of the pest animal OR
  • Capture and permanent removal of the raccoon(s)

ADVANTAGES of permanent raccoon removal:

  • You will achieve full and final control of your area.
  • This license provides additional methods and techniques in cases where an animal that has been previously trapped by a NON licensed trapper becomes trap shy towards a certain style of trap.

About this website:

Below are answers to the questions we are asked by our clients most frequently. Please click on a question of interest; the answer will apear below it. Each question will also direct you to more detailed information.

While this website focuses on raccoons specifically, we remove a wide variety of wildlife/animals and birds from both, residential and commercial properties (see menu links above).


1. I hear a raccoon in my attic.  How do I perform proper raccoon removal?

Raccoons are active at dusk, dawn and during the night.  They are nocturnal animals.  You will hear scratching and thumping.  There should be no noise during the day.  That is generally when they sleep. Trapping and removing the raccoon(s) in your attic is your best line of defense. More info »

2. How do I remove raccoons from my attic? Or how is raccoon removal performed?

Unlike other companies we are licensed with The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act which enables us to trap fur bearing animals and perform permanent removal of such animals as raccoons. To perform the removal of raccoons from attics or other places in your home or on your property, we install traps and remove the captured raccoon(s) from your property.

The home owner has two choices we can maintain the trap or the home owner needs to participate in the trapping process by checking the traps twice daily – just poke your head up into the attic and shine a flashlight on the traps.  If there is a raccoon ready to be removed please contact us and a Technician will be dispatched. More info »

3. How does raccoon trapping work to provide raccoon removal?

We use humane traps that are baited with species specific bait.  The traps are made of heavy gauge metal and placed appropriately for raccoon removal. More info »

4. What other methods can be used to capture raccoons?

There are other methods to capture raccoons – physical capture, electrical, chemical incapacitation and shooting.   Humane trapping is the preferred method.  In very rare circumstances these other capture methods can be used to provide raccoon removal More info »

5. Is relocating a raccoon a viable option of raccoon removal?

As per Ministry of Natural Resources guidelines trapped animals can only be released within 1 km of where they have been captured.  Releasing raccoons this close to the capture site will almost certainly guarantee their return    More info »

6. What cities do you service for raccoon removal?

Our technicians are available to service Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Thornhill, Oshawa.  Please contact us for services in other Canadian Provinces and the U.S.

7. What makes www.raccoonremoval.ca different in providing raccoon removal?

We are different from other companies in providing raccoon removal due to the fact that we are the only wildlife trapping company in the GTA licensed with the Ministry of Natural Resources with a fur bearer trapping license.  This unique qualification enables us to offer the guarantee that the animals caught will not return.  . More info »

8. If the animal in my attic is not a raccoon what could it be?

Other animals like to den in attic spaces as well.  If you are hearing noises during the day with it being quiet at night you most likely have squirrels or chipmunks in your attic that need to be removed.  Mice will also make scratching noises.

Please see removal information for squirrels and chipmunks

9. How do I perform raccoon removal from my yard/garden/lawn/grass?

When raccoons are in your yard they are generally looking for food.  Raccoons can do extensive damage to your lawn when they are looking for grubs. Again, trapping is your best bet.

10. How should I go about proper raccoon feces/poop/shit  removal?

Raccoons use common areas for their latrines.  They like to use elevated spots – roof tops, tops of wood piles, fire escapes.  Handling raccoon feces is a job that requires specialized equipment as many raccoons are infected with raccoon roundworm. More info »

11. How do you perform proper raccoon roundworm removal ?

Many raccoons are infected with raccoon roundworm, which is an internal parasite known as Baylisascaris, and the eggs are passed in the feces.  These eggs cause serious health issues in humans.  Special equipment is needed to perform raccoon roundworm removal. More info »

12. How do I prevent raccoons from moving on or into my property?

Raccoons are attracted to your property if there are readily available food sources such as bird feeders, pet food, or garbage cans.  All sources of food should be removed.  Raccoons also look for den sites.  Keep your home in good repair. More info »

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