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Thanks to our unique licensing, permits, and qualifications we are able to offer Raccoon Removal methods beyond trapping and releasing. We are the ONLY company in Southern Ontario able to do so -  CONTACT US for details.


Raccoon in your attic?

Raccoons are nocturnal animals, so you'll likely not hear or see them during the day. In the evening and throughout the night, however, you will hear scratching and thumping coming from your attic, or you may catch sight of them leaving and returning after a food run.

Trapping and removing the raccoon(s) in your attic is your best line of defense. Once trapped, you, the home owner, have the choice to have the raccoon released within one kilometer of capture, or to have the animal euthanized.

We are different from other companies in providing raccoon removal due to the fact that we are the only wildlife trapping company in the GTA licensed with the Ministry of Natural Resources with a fur bearer trapping license.  This unique qualification enables us to offer the guarantee that the animals caught will not return.  

Raccoon in your garbage?

Common practice to leave garbage cans on your back deck or on the side of your home may be the worst thing to do when it comes to urban wildlife. Unsecured garbage or the smell of food is a main attractant and readily available food source for raccoons. Even bins and containers dubbed as 'raccoon proof' have been known to be mastered by the masked bandits. 

Trapping the offending animal and then securing your waste in a locked enclosure is your best option in terms of a long term solution. Please remember that it is illegal to trap or relocate nuisance wildlife without the proper licencing – there are very strict guidelines governing these activities which must be adhered to. Don’t put yourself in danger – our licenced technicians will handle everything. Call us at (416) HAWKEYE for fast, effective, and permanent solutions to your raccoon problem.

Raccoon under your deck?

Raccoons like to create dens in dark, safe, and quiet places. During the summer months, the space beneath your deck may be the perfect location for a mother raccoon to raise offspring. Females can get quite aggressive when approached and/or threatened.

RaccoonRemoval.ca guarantees permanent and humane raccoon removal, as well as provide solutions to help prevent the same problem in the future.
With our services, we will also give you an assessment of your deck, identifying known access points or vulnerabilities, along with soltutions to repair damages or eliminate future raccoon habitat.




Raccoons will look to your home for shelter. The primary and obvious preventative actions include closing of all doors and windows, inspecting and capping any open vents or chimneys. If raccoons have previously managed to enter your home, you will also want to inspect and repair any damages left at known entry points. Materials best suited are wire mesh, wood, concrete, or sheet metal. The area under decks and other structures may also be used by a determined raccoon and should be checked regularly.

Before any opening is closed off or any chimney is capped it is imperative to confirm that all raccoons have been removed, especially between March and July when there may be young present.
Systematically block any gaps that lead to porches, patios and sheds. It is also preferable to block access to all areas that might be used by the raccoons as a toilet or latrine such as: gardening patches, compost containers, flower beds and out­ door play areas such as sandboxes.

  • Prevent raccoon access to chimneys or external fireplace outlets by securely fastening a commercial cap of sheet metal and heavy screen over the top of the chimney. This device, which is available in stores, should be made from heavy material and securely fastened to prevent raccoons from removing or breaking it;
  • Ensure that the eaves, roof and overlay are in good condition for blocking access to your attic. Pay attention to shingles, soffit, and fascia as raccoons often will leave damage behind when attempting to enter your home.
  • Remove unused TV towers and trim back any overhanging branches that might allow access to your roof.
  • Check for signs (claw marks or other damage) of any attempts to access the roof or gutter via the corners of the building. If this is the case, wrapping the corners of buildings with 1 m x 1 m squares of smooth material will prevent raccoons from being able to get a toehold for climbing.
  • Ensure all ventilation holes are secured using heavy, rustproof screening to cover open-air vents to prevent any incursions.


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