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Welcome to www.skunkremoval.ca, a division of Hawkeye Animal Control - Your Toronto area skunk control and removal specialists.


We are the ONLY Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area licensed Skunk Control Specialist offering PERMANENT SKUNK REMOVAL & GUARANTEED RESULTS.


In contrast to almost all other Ontario animal/pest control companies/operators, our permit/license under The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act (MNR) as a licensed furbearer trapper, uniquely qualifies us as a company to:

  • Capture and relocate skunk(s) within 1km of the pest animal OR
  • Capture and permanent removal of the skunk(s)

ADVANTAGES of permanent skunkremoval:

  • You will achieve full and final control of your area.
  • This license provides additional methods and techniques in cases where a skunk that has been previously trapped by a NON licensed trapper becomes trap shy towards a certain style of trap.

About this website:

Below are answers to the questions we are asked by our clients most frequently. Please click on a question of interest; the answer will apear below it. Several answers will also direct you to more detailed information.

While this website focuses on skunk control specifically, we remove a wide variety of wildlife/animals and birds from both, residential and commercial properties (see menu links above).


1. I smell skunk in my backyard.  Where could the skunk be living?

Skunks like to burrow or tunnel under objects.   A good den site for a skunk is under a deck, porch, shed or around a pool. More info »

2. How does skunk trapping work to provide skunk removal?

Skunk removal works best with trapping.   Humane traps are placed near the den site with the appropriate bait.  Once the skunk is caught it is carefully removed from your property.   . More info »

3. Do skunks spray when they are trapped?

Occasionally skunks will spray when they are trapped.  Skunks will spray when they are startled or threatened.  When the skunk is inside the trap accessing the bait it is concentrating on that task.  Still watchful but is focused.  When the trap door closes the skunk is in a small enclosure and unable to easily lift its tail to spray.  

4. Is relocating a skunk a viable option of skunk removal?

As per Ministry of Natural Resources guidelines trapped animals can only be released with 1 km of where they have been captured.  Releasing skunks this close to the capture site may result in their return. More info »

5. What makes www.skunkremoval.ca different in providing skunk removal?

We have the distinct criteria from the Ministry of Natural Resources that enables us to offer the service of permanent skunk removal.  The skunk that is trapped will not return.    More info »

6. What cities do you service for skunk removal?

Our technicians are available to service Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Thornhill, Oshawa.  

7. How do I perform skunk removal from my yard/garden/lawn/grass?

Skunk removal from your yard/garden/lawn/grass involves setting traps in the back yard.  Skunks will pass through your yard looking for food sources.  Grubs in your lawn are a good food source for skunks.  Trapping skunks provides permanent removal More info »

8. How do I remove skunk odour/smell?

Skunk odour/smell can be difficult to remove from your house, shed, deck, porch or pets.  There are many recipes you can try. More info »

9. What can I do to prevent skunks moving onto my property?

To prevent or control the moving of skunks onto your property you want to ensure that access to den sites are denied.  If your yard is fenced in you want to make sure there are no openings under the fence for the skunk to crawl under.


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